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Purposeful Leadership Development Consulting

Become a World Changer

Personal and Career Development with Specialized Coaching & Mentorship From Kusudi Consulting Group

Maximize your impact and effectiveness.

Use your voice as a catalyst for positive change.

Cultivate a thriving workspace culture.

Cultivating Organizations That WOW!

A Leadership Community Experience

Is turnover, recruitment, or retention of top employees a problem for your organization or business? How much is this costing you physically, emotionally, and financially?


This 16-week community learning experience assists leaders and entrepreneurs in decreasing staff turnover, enhancing their engagement with team members, clients, and customers, and achieving their professional goals without sacrificing their mental health and well-being.

Lead to your fullest potential by discovering your leadership strengths and challenges. Develop strategies for recruiting premier talent and retaining top employees. Employ human-centered leadership approaches to enhance engagement. Develop and implement your personal action plans. Obtain implementation support through 1-on-1 coaching and your leadership community. 

Topic Highlights

  • Refining Your Leadership Mindset

  • Leadership Legacy & Making Your Impact

  • Overcoming Leadership Challenges

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence + Personal EQ Assessment

  • Impacts of Organizational Culture & Climate

  • Human-Centered Leadership Approach

  • Shared Leadership Power Strategies

  • Managing Conflict Effectively

  • Reducing Negative Staff Turnover

  • Managing Organizational Change & Grief

  • The Power of Advocacy & Using Your Voice

  • Personal Accountability + Action Plans

  • Reflective Action Project

When you don't reach your potential, it can lead to personal pain, relational pain, professional pain, and emotional pain.

But the worst part about the cost of inaction isn't just the pain you do see, it's the pleasure you don't see.  Inaction costs so much.

That doesn't have to be your story.

Learn how to develop qualities that will help you grow your business, thrive in your relationships, and impact the world around you.

Population: New and experienced leaders and entrepreneurs

Gain access to a LEIDOSWEL Experience!

Get started today and gain access to resources that will transform your leadership. Get ready to Learn Well, Lead Well, and Live Well.

Weekly leadership evolution videos

Online Conference
Business Discussion

Bi-monthly expert UNstuck Live strategy sessions

Private Tutor

Private chat community

Bi-monthly Community Conversation Events

Politician Shaking Hands

Reflective workbook and bonus resources to support your leadership enhancement experience

Leadership Presentation
  • What is the cost for the Community Learning Experiences?
    The time and financial investments vary based on the experience. Please click on the specific experience for details.
  • Is there a contract?
    No. Kusudi Consulting is a monthly membership program with no long-term contracts. You can easily manage your account from the member portal.
  • Is this a monthly subscription?
    Kusudi Mentoring & Coaching Program is a monthly subscription. That means you’ll get new content and fresh resources each month for as long as you are a member.
  • What if I have more questions?
    We love questions! Please complete the Contact Us section on the website or email us at and we’ll respond within 48 business hours.
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