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About  Me.   My  Why.   Heart's  Work.

Hello! Thank you for your time and interest in learning more about me and my why for this heart's work.


I have been in formal leadership roles for nearly all of my career. I have learned so much over the years, and I continue to position myself to learn something new every day. In addition to achievements and successes, my leadership journey has included bruises, barriers, mistakes, frustrations, and tears. All these have made me who I am today and inform the leadership I consistently strive towards.


Let me be clear; I will never fairy tale this journey. Leading is hard, and it can be scary. In fact, it should be scary but not debilitating. As leaders, we carry the livelihoods, emotional well-being, psychological safety, and workplace wellness of others on our shoulders daily. Our words or silence, actions or inaction, emails, a click of a mouse, or writing of a pen can significantly impact the trajectory of an individual and, consequently, their loved ones, communities, and ultimately the world. We create lifelong workplace memories each day. And while they will never be excellent 100% of the time, we must continue striving towards excellence

As a result, I am obsessed with leadership and how leaders use their power. This topic alone makes my heart smile! So much so that I achieved two degrees in leadership. Great leaders make a significant impact! I have observed and experienced great leadership, and I have also observed and experienced oppressive and harmful leadership. I have also witnessed the effects of both on myself, team members, clients, and their families/caregivers. I have also studied the impacts of leadership on clients and their loved ones. Leadership matters!


My goal is to be a great leader! And I want to share the lessons, insights, and strategies I have learned while sharing my expertise to support other leaders as they navigate their leadership journey.


Regardless of your leadership status: aspiring, new, or experienced. Regardless of your role: entry-level, middle management, senior, or executive leadership. I can relate to your journey. I've been there! You don't have to navigate your leadership journey alone. Let's journey together!

 Dr. T

About Our Co-Founder

Dr. Tonicia Freeman-Foster (also known as Dr. T ) is a national trainer, consultant, innovative strategy partner, mentor, and coach with over 20 years of experience. She is the Co-founder and Principal Consultant at LEIDOSWEL.

Dr. T’s passion is eliminating injustices and inequities by assisting organizational leaders in understanding how their beliefs and actions impact the outcomes of their staff, clients, families, customers, and communities. She is committed to ensuring equitable resources, culturally engaging, and community-driven services for historically oppressed individuals and communities.


In addition to leadership, Dr. T is experienced and highly passionate about topics related to mental health, substance use, child welfare, HIV and AIDS, youth and young adults, and LGBTQ2 programs and organizations. Justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) services, programs, and wellness. Organizational culture and climate, and managing organizational change.

Dr. T’s dream is human-centered organizations, systems, and policies that support ALL individuals, team members, and communities to thrive equitably and achieve their fullest potential.

Tonicia Freeman-Foster 


Degree & Certification Highlights

  • Doctorate of Education, Organizational Leadership, Argosy University

  • Master’s of Human Services, Organizational Management & Leadership, Springfield College  

  • Bachelor’s of Health Science Education, Community Health, The University of Florida

  • Certified Diversity Professional

  • Certified Health Education Specialist

  • EQ-i 2.0 + EQ 360 Certified

  • Certified Courageous Conversations About Race™ Practitioner

  • Certified Project Management Professional

  • Certified Change Manager

  • Certified Leadership & Life Coach

  • Group Life Coach Certified

  • Cognitive Behavior Life Coach Certified

  • People Pleasing Recovery Coach Certified

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