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Navigating Rough S.E.A.S.
Soul Eroding Assimilation-Forcing Systems

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Navigating Rough S.E.A.S.

Soul Eroding Assimilation-Forcing Systems™

Embark upon a transformative journey of Navigating Rough S.E.A.S. —Soul Eroding Assimilation-Forcing Systems, written by Dr. Tonicia Freeman-Foster. This empowering guide sheds light on the unique challenges many Black women leaders face in the workplace. It offers invaluable strategies for reclaiming their power, joy, and wellness through practical insights and actionable steps. More than just a survival guide, it empowers readers to thrive amidst workplace adversities and inequities. 

In addition, the book explores the importance of self-preservation, providing readers with the tools to increase their self-awareness, prepare to pivot, set healthy boundaries, and prioritize their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Moreover, it extends beyond individual empowerment, acting as a resource for other workplace leaders, allies, and career seekers. The shared strategies illuminate the path for leaders aspiring to foster inclusive, equitable, healthy, and empowering work environments.

Navigating Rough S.E.A.S. book Dr. Tonicia Freeman-Foster Black Women Workplace Trauma Power Wellness Joy Healing Culture

Divided into two sections, “Navigating Rough SEAS” begins with . . .

  • Section One: Struggling At Sea - Devoted to comprehending Rough S.E.A.S. This section sheds light on the various manifestations of Rough S.E.A.S. in the workplace and their multidimensional emotional and physical impacts.

  • Section Two: A Navigator’s Mindset - Focuses on self-care and proactive measures to mitigate the effects of Rough S.E.A.S. It outlines strategies and actions aimed at supporting individuals in reclaiming and safeguarding their power, joy, and wellness.

Complementing the guide are three essential tools for readers:

  • Soul Compass: A set of self-awareness reflection questions designed to prompt readers to explore their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and actions.

  • Navigating Rough S.E.A.S. Companion Workbook: This digital companion workbook complements the guide by assisting readers in developing their personalized Navigator Action Plan.

  • The Seven Waves of Rough S.E.A.S. Navigation Assessment Tool ™: A model highlighting the emotional phases individuals navigate in the workplace. This tool can be employed from both an individual and organizational perspective, offering a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics at play.

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Who Should Read This Book

Black Women Leaders

Those navigating or having experienced workplace trauma and abuse. Seeking strategies to reclaim power, joy, and wellness.

Leaders and Everyday People

Genuinely curious about workplace trauma and its impacts. Desire to engage in self-reflection, meaningful conversations, and positive actions.

Black Men

Experiencing or understanding challenges faced by Black women leaders. Interested in fostering inclusive and empowering work environments.


Those supporting Black women leaders and fostering inclusive workplaces. Interested in understanding challenges and contributing to positive change.

Brown Women and Men

Individuals of diverse racial and ethnic identities. Relating to workplace challenges and seeking empowerment strategies.

Career Seekers

Individuals entering or navigating professional environments. Seeking insights into overcoming workplace adversities and inequities.

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Book Benefits

Navigating Rough S.E.A.S. Dr. Tonicia Freeman-Foster Black Women Leaders Workplace Trauma Healing Empowerment Community Book
  • Empowerment for Black Women Leaders

  • Inclusive Leadership Insights

  • Self-Preservation Strategies

  • Individual and Collective Healing

  • Resource for Workplace Leaders

  • Career Development Guidance

  • Comprehensive Tools for Personal Growth

  • Mindset Shift for Thriving Despite Adversities

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What People Are Saying

Navigating Rough S.E.A.S. by Dr. Tonicia Freeman-Foster is a must-read for Black Women who struggle to navigate life's rough waves within their career or business. The book has two sections that help you identify and confirm your thoughts and give you tangible strategies to take bold steps to help you have smooth sailing in the future. The first section, titled "Struggling at Sea," helps to identify your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and challenges faced within the workplace. The second section, titled "A Navigator's Mindset," provides practical tips, strategies, and advice on how you can successfully navigate these concerns without feeling like you're an angry black woman or an intentional disruptor without cause.

The book's first section discusses various topics, such as workplace conformity, cycles of abuse, and getting relationships right. Dr. Tonicia Freeman-Foster has a brilliant way of encouraging readers not to settle or conform and to embrace their uniqueness. She provides valuable insights on identifying and dealing with workplace bullying and cultivating healthy relationships.

The book's second section is titled "A Navigator's Mindset." In this section, Dr. Tonicia Freeman-Foster does a masterful job providing practical tips and advice on developing a positive mindset to navigate and deal with the rough waves and choppy waters faced. She encourages readers to get their minds right, set boundaries, and engage in self-preservation and reclamation. One of the fantastic bonuses of this book is that she also includes tips for black women leaders, career seekers, and allies in leadership.

This book is a breath of fresh air. The insightfulness provides a comprehensive, practical roadmap and doable advice on how a Black Woman can navigate her career that sets boundaries, builds trust, and begins living her best life purposefully. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their life and become a better navigator or an ally to black women who need support in feeling seen, heard, and acknowledged. This book has permitted me to stand tall, proud, and confident in the greatness I was put on this earth to share.

Kathy Taylor Navigating Rough S.E.A.S. Testimonial

Kathy Taylor
CEO, Kathy Taylor Consulting LLC

Reading “Navigating Rough S.E.A.S.” as a Black woman made me feel seen. Dr. Tonicia has written this masterpiece with love, genuine care, and the spirit of a sister who has also experienced and helped others navigate the struggle of the rough seas! This book is very validating of the trauma and difficulty that Black women experience in the workplace. Statistics are also included that provide facts about these experiences. The text is also sprinkled with pertinent quotes from famous Black people from various walks of life. Each chapter has “Soul Compass” questions, which provide you an opportunity to reflect on your experiences and incorporate the relevance of the chapter. Dr. Tonicia has also provided tips to help you become your own navigator. I am excited to have this valuable body of work at my fingertips. It will definitely be something that I refer my therapy and coaching clients toward as they navigate the rough seas in their workplaces. Thank you, Dr. Tonicia, for letting God use you and guiding others to safety in the sea! 

LaTanya Tolan Navigating Rough S.E.A.S. Testimonial

LaTanya Tolan, LCSW, MA. Ed., MA, Psychology PhD Candidate
The Soul Care and Black Liberation Strategist™
Founder & CEO, Soul Care for Black Clinicians®  and Soul Care for Black Clinicians® Academy

I can imagine the validation and sense of community Black women will feel reading Dr. Freeman-Foster's words because she named experiences I have heard from various Black women and other colleagues and friends in my circles for years.  As a white-bodied woman, reading "Navigating Rough S.E.A.S." it was like revisiting every toxic workplace I've navigated and escaped WITHOUT experiencing racism in addition to the mental harm. The examples within these pages are real life guides for myself and other white-bodied co-workers, managers, and more to guide us toward co-creating healthy, functioning workplaces with Black women and other colleagues of color for the health and well-being of all.

Molly Oberweiser Kennedy Navigating Rough S.E.A.S. Testimonial

Molly Oberweiser Kennedy
Co-Founder of With the End in Mind, LLC

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About the Author

Dr. Tonicia Freeman-Foster is a national consultant, trainer, and coach with over 20 years of experience in leading and guiding equitable and culturally responsive programming that uplifts historically underserved individuals and marginalized communities. Dr. Freeman-Foster serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of LEIDOSWEL™.


Dr. Freeman-Foster has held formal leadership positions for a significant portion of her career. She has navigated and is a navigator of Rough S.E.A.S. She is extremely passionate about organizational culture and leaders’ power to make their workplaces, communities, systems, services, and the world a better place for all people. She is equally passionate about leadership accountability and supporting leaders in building their personal and professional capacity to lead healthy workplaces that stand against racism, inequities, injustices, and oppression of all forms. Dr. Freeman-Foster’s dream is diverse, inclusive, progressive, innovative, and human-centered workplaces where employees and clients achieve their fullest potential.


Dr. Freeman-Foster possesses a bachelor’s degree in community health, a master’s degree in organizational management and leadership, and a doctorate degree in organizational leadership. She is certified as a healing circle practitioner, coach, diversity professional, health education specialist, and project management professional.

Dr. Tonicia Freeman-Foster Coach Consultant Training Healing Circle Navigating Rough S.E.A.S. book
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