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Training & Consulting Experiences

Working together to identify actionable solutions.

Leadership Training Coaching UNstuck Innovation Strategy

Under our training and consulting umbrella, we facilitate interactive and tailored learning experiences (i.e., seminars, webinars, and training) and strategy sessions with individuals, groups, and organizations. We also offer retainer plans if you are seeking a longer-term experience.

An overview of our most common consulting services is listed below.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Anti-Racism

  • Organizational assessments 

  • Mission, vision, and action plan development

  • DEIJA training and in-services 

  • ERG and DEIJA committee development and support​

Leadership & Team Building

  • Organizational assessment and gaps analysis

  • Strategic planning

  • Change and crises management

  • Leadership and board development​​

  • Project management

  • Company culture

Engagement & Retention

  • Employee recruitment, engagement, and retention

  • Client/customer recruitment, engagement, and retention

  • Assessing and evaluating organizational needs and gaps

  • Developing engagement funnel

Environmental Health & Safety

  • ​Developing and refining safety culture and plans

  • Mock safety inspections and audits

  • OSHA compliance safety training, auditing, and consulting

  • Site safety development and management

  • Contractor Qualifying Process

Risk Management  & Loss Control

  • Insurance Industry Services for all Commercial Lines  

  • Timely loss control visits and reporting

  • Loss Trend Analysis

  • Accident/Incident investigation

  • NCCI classification code review

  • Insurability assessments

  • Compliance with underwriting requirements and requests

  • Custom risk management and loss control programs​​​

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