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Sunkissed Sunflower Queens™

In the fast-paced and often challenging landscape of professional environments, Black women leaders face unique obstacles that can hinder their ability to thrive. These challenges range from feeling isolated and unsupported in leadership roles while simultaneously caring for team members and clients to navigating workplace trauma and abuse. However, amidst these difficulties, there is a beacon of hope—a membership experience designed specifically for Black women leaders who are ready to reclaim their power, wellness, and joy.

Sunkissed Sunflower Queens™ offers a supportive community where Black women leaders are seen, heard, believed, and celebrated. A community of innovative connections, shared experiences, and solidarity. A safe space to address the impacts of workplace isolation, trauma, and abuse while offering strategies to overcome these challenges. A space to breathe, break, and just be.


Through empowerment, healing, transformational retreats, and personal development, members can regain their confidence, build their emotional muscles, and foster a sense of belonging in their professional journey. Together, we can liberate ourselves from the constraints of toxic and abusive work environments, reclaim our authentic selves, adjust our crowns, walk tall in our purpose, and emerge as strong, empowered leaders ready to make a lasting impact in our homes, communities, organizations, the world and beyond.

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