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Navigating Rough S.E.A.S.

Navigating Rough S.E.A.S.

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Embark upon a transformative journey of Navigating Rough S.E.A.S. —Soul Eroding Assimilation-Forcing Systems, written by Dr. Tonicia Freeman-Foster. This empowering guide sheds light on the unique challenges many Black women leaders face in the workplace. It offers invaluable strategies for reclaiming their power, joy, and wellness through practical insights and actionable steps. More than just a survival guide, it empowers readers to thrive amidst workplace adversities and inequities. 

In addition, the book explores the importance of self-preservation, providing readers with the tools to increase their self-awareness, prepare to pivot, set healthy boundaries, and prioritize their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Moreover, it extends beyond individual empowerment, acting as a resource for other workplace leaders, allies, and career seekers. The shared strategies illuminate the path for leaders aspiring to foster inclusive, equitable, healthy, and empowering work environments.

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